Head in the Clouds, 2005

Global Arts Village, New Delhi, India

This performance creates a moment of complete freedom. Freedom from colour, from caste, from hierarchies. The ‘sky’ is a metaphor for the universal connection across time and space: a symbol, everyone can identify as theirs. It is a personification of equality and beauty.

People from marginalized groups: ‘helpers/servants/sweepers’ are teamed with ‘more fortunate’ ones. Half the group is given a piece of sky in the form of a cube and the chance to experience no boundaries.

The amorphous sky merged with the cube creates a beautiful contrast and complements the human form. The sky cube is akin to a veil transforming the person who wears it. The performance goes through a transition from the structured geometry of society to a fluid, rhythmic and energetic burst. It builds confidence and gives hope while remaining an abstraction open to interpretation

With thanks to Sanjeev Shankar for his help with the performance.


Head in the Clouds, 2005 description | video
© Catherine Widgery