Shadow of Time, 2007

Shadow of Time reveals the passage of time through shadows and reflections.

Shot over a 24 hour period at the edge of a pond in New Delhi, wind and light play over the surface and into the depths of the water. Human sounds mingle with bird calls, rustling leaves, insects and croaking frogs. The world continues busily along, oblivious to the mutable and eternal beauty so close by.The film captures the magic of unseen forces in the shifting patterns of light and sound throughout the day. It sees and breathes what we do not, creating an experience that transcends space, time and place. Moments from half way around the world in India are brought into the gallery in Stratford. The viewer is inspired to slow down and meditate on the precious passing of each moment.

Shadow of Time reveals the miracle of the present.

The film was part of the exhibition 'Shadows and Windy Places' in Stratford, Ontario. Created in collaboration with Nitin Donde and Sanjeev Shankar.


Shadow of Time, 2007 description | video
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