Light Lines, 2004

The Tree Museum (a sculpture park north of Toronto near Gravenhurst)

At the waters edge, lines of light rise up and sway with the breeze. The light is created by the reflection of the surface of the water and the sky. Small reflective discs hang from strong black nylon netting cut into strips about 6" wide and rising up vertically up to 12. One end of these is attached to branches of trees that overhang the lake and the other hangs in the water. The lines sway and undulate in the wind and the discs shimmer in response to the breezes. As the color of the sky and water changes, so does the color of the light lines.

What struck me when I visited The Tree Museum was the untamed natural world. I wanted to create a work with a light touch that is like a musical counterpoint to the rich chorus of the natural world. Light Lines introduces the straight line, a mark quintessentially human, but does so in a way that is both sensitive and responsive to the surroundings. It is a work entirely interdependent with its surroundings in a state of continual animation and change much like the natural environment.


Light Lines, 2004 description | video
© Catherine Widgery