Light Storm, 2005

Mesa Center for the Arts, Mesa, Arizona. 27,000 square feet, 35,000 stainless steel discs.

Light Storm was commissioned by the Mesa Center for the Arts in Mesa, Arizona and was installed in 2005. The work covers over 27,000 square feet and is comprised of over 35,000 stainless steel discs that have been set into the paving stones of the theater lobbies and the outside courtyard. It is as if a wind had caught the discs as if they had fallen from the metal shade screen (an artwork by Ned Kahn) and blown them in a pattern two vortices that flow throughout the landscape inside and outside of the building. The discs are set flush with the stone surface and have no mass, but reflect the light and color of the surroundings, changing as the light changes and the viewer moves through the space.


Light Storm, 2005 description
© Catherine Widgery