Shimmer, Proposal 2016

Valerie C. Woodard Center, Arts and Science Council Project, Charlotte NC

Shimmer creates a welcoming gateway to the main public entrances of the Valerie C. Woodard Center so that those coming here, often under difficult circumstances are uplifted and inspired. The artwork responds to the light and wind heightening the awareness of the invisible energies and unnoticed magic of the world around us, as the angle of the light, breezes and the position of the viewer changes, so does the art.

The artworks are an extension of the existing canopies at the two main entrances on the north side of the Center. Each canopy artwork has four wavesThe experience of it is never the same. All the energy around us: sound, light, heat… is moving in waves of different frequencies and vibrations. For the most part these waves are invisible and outside our consciousness. Shimmer wakes us up to this unseen world around us as the small squares of dichroic glass hanging overhead respond to the smallest breeze in waves of their own. Light strikes the moving squares and project light and color onto the surrounding surfaces bringing into our consciousness the magic of the light and air currents around us.


Shimmer, Proposal 2016 description
© Catherine Widgery