Turbo, Proposal

Iconic image outside the two entrances of the Woodbine TTC Station in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. These sculptures are designed to have a presence for the whole neighborhood, not only for those who take the TTC trains. The form of the sculpture renders visible the invisible flow of air currents stirred as part of propulsion. It suggests energy and motion a reference to the trains below and out of sight, with a slightly witty nod to the retro image of a steam engine.

The form is a hybrid of the organic swirls of air and the ordered geometry of human built form. Derived from a single frame of an infrared video of airflow with different temperatures shown as different layers, science and technology combines with whimsy and the beauty of light playing through the surfaces. The position of the viewer and the angle and intensity of light during the day and night make these forms almost endlessly surprising. When seen from the edge of the planes, the form is wider at the base and a series of flat planes. When seen from the flat side, the impression of vapor rising curls up wider at the top.


Turbo, Proposal description
© Catherine Widgery