Plié, 2016

Created for exhibition “In Search of the Light of the World” that is sponsored by Glasmalerei Peters Studio of Germany for the Centre Du Virail in Chartres France, Plié was built from strips of alternating blue and gold dichroic glass joined at 45 degree angles so that the reflections of the room are broken into bands.   When seen from one side or the other, the reflections mirror the surroundings through a veil of color but depending on the source of the light, the transparency and reflections play games with our sense of what is there and not there.  Like a kaleidoscope, the patterns break up and reconnect in new ways.  The projections on the walls and surrounding shifts, expanding and contracting in patterns and color to expand the work beyond its physical boundaries into the ambiguous realm of color and light. 


Plié, 2016 description
© Catherine Widgery