River Winds, Proposal 2016

Riverwood Environmental Gateway Project, Mississauga, Ontario

River Winds, installed along each side of Riverwood Park Lane creates a gateway experience for those who enter the park and is highly visible to those driving down Burnhamthrope Rd. The sinuous blue lines are derived from the curves of the Credit River and the way the elements swing in the wind suggests the flow of the river recalling the sweeping currents and grasses in the prairie open spaces.

These river currents, like the wind are invisible exceptwhen their energy catches some element in the environment and for a moment we are captivated by the grace of the swing or swirl as the energy moves sequentially down the lines. The suspended shapes are a hybrid language having both the curves of nature and the straight lines of human built forms. At the entrance to the park, we are at a threshold between the built environment and the natural one of the park so these forms create a visual bridge between those worlds as they awaken the senses to the energies of water, wind and light. Here we enter a magic world that is alive, full of energy and life and never still.


River Winds, Proposal 2016 description
© Catherine Widgery