Sky Cycles, 2017

 Location: BART Warm Springs Station, Fremont, CA.

Sky Cycles weaves images from different times of day, different times of year and different points of view into single images that are in turn woven into the present moment, the actual sky from the point of each viewer. My source of images for Pioneer Mountain, Elizabeth Lake and the surrounding area are photographs taken by residents and visitors to these areas and posted on line. It is as if I were seeing the whole area through the eyes of those who walk and live here at many different times of day, different times of year, each a unique moment in time, a unique experience.

My goal is to make this an artwork that is never the same from any place you might stand or at any time of day. The images and the transparent/reflective silver lines mean that the cloud or sky or mountain has the present moment, the present sky and surroundings as part of the art experience. By intersecting the actual sky by an image of clouds and light, the viewer is more aware of the actual sky. Our mind assembles the fragments to make a whole that is more rich and mysterious than if we were given the whole image.

Sky Cycles surrounds the visitor to the station both in the rotunda and in the terminal. System users will find different details and combinations of colors and light every time they visit. The work will exist beyond the physical boundaries of the glass as light projections onto the floor will create a rich light and color ‘painting’ on the ground plane.


Sky Cycles, 2017 description | video
© Catherine Widgery