Light Stream

Light Stream
Light Stream

Light Stream, 2009

Bart Station, Lafayette, CA.

Light Stream, created for the pedestrian path leading to the BART station in Lafayette, CA, translates nature’s patterns into an urban language. It creates an environment of light and movement that echoes the flow of water in the adjacent creek and the movement of leaves in the trees.

Pedestrians walk along the path beneath metal mesh panels, through patterns of light and shadow from the shimmering discs suspended above. The discs catch the light as they move in the breeze. The invisible flow of wind is revealed. Our awareness of subtle, invisible energies is heightened. The artwork enhances the sense of this pathway as part of an oasis of nature within the urban fabric.

At night, low energy LED lighting aimed up at the discs and screens animates the environment though subtly rhythmic shifting colors and intensity.

Set flush into the pathway surface are stainless discs echoing the patterns in the mesh above. They reflect the light as if silver ‘leaves’ had fallen and been caught by the wind.

Light Stream will make walking along the pathway an always changing and interesting immersive experience. The time of day, angle of the light and different breezes will provide limitless subtly changing light effects.

The path is over 300′ long and 10′ wide.