Liquid Light

Liquid Light
Liquid Light

Liquid Light, 2007-8

installed in Gallery Stratford, Ontario, Canada in 2007, Musee Nationale du Quebec through October 2008.

This installation draws our attention to the magic of water revealed through light. The copper kalash used here is a powerful element in Hindu temples in India, where it releases a drop of water at slow intervals onto a stone form called the shiv lingam, a symbol of procreation.

Here the drops fall into a transparent pool of water. The ripples from the drop spread out and return from the circular edge retracing its path, time sent backwards. As one walks below the floating liquid light, the energy of each drop ripples over ones body and is projected onto the floor. The point where the drop touches the surface of the water and generates the ripple is mesmerizing as it reveals the gentle pulse of timeless forces.

“Widgery’s genius is revealed in the things she makes… there is that quality of a child’s wonder.”- Peter Goddard, Toronto Star, August, 2007
With thanks to Sanjeev Shankar and Denis Gagnon.