Nevertheless, 2004

Installation for the Provincetown Art Association and Museum,
Murchison Gallery, Provincetown, MA., June 2004.

The Edge of Chaos

 A place at the edge of chaos allows for change, sensitivity and openness. It is a dynamic state. Science is coming to understand that there are self-organizing systems where complex and unpredictable substrates develop simple, large scale patterns. The whirlpool is an example of this sort of self-organizing system. Energy moves through it without the structure breaking down, creating a dynamic order.


The things suspended here are obsolete, worn by time, caught in the moment just before they disappear entirely. Their world is already gone. Most of them were used before we existed. NatureĆ­s detritus has also been caught just before it dissolves into nothingness. All appears to be whirling, yet we know it is still. Things appear weightless, yet we know they are not. Nevertheless is suspended for a moment between being and not being.