New Project, YC Condo, Toronto – June 2015

“Urban Fabric” has been commissioned for YC Condominiums, a 66 story, 634 unit residential condominium tower in Toronto.

The inspiration for Urban Fabric is the architecture of the YC condo building with its language of repeated horizontals that are woven together with subtle contrasting colors and depths. These lines wrap the building in a ‘fabric’ of syncopated patterns. The canopy art glass is also a woven pattern of horizontals but has been skewed at an angle to the building as a counterpoint to the architecture’s rectilinear visual vocabulary. The colors also provide a counterpoint to the current muted colors of the building to suggest a lively interior life within the complex.

The other inspiration for “Urban Fabric” is the animation of the city itself. How to bring that city’s energy into the building façade through the art? Urban Fabric uses the ever changing existing light and the reflections of all the activity around to become animated and always surprising.

media image