Federal Way

This work will be installed in 2024 at the Federal Way Station which is part of the Seattle area Sound Transit System.

We have continued to simplify and refine the concept for proposed artwork at Federal Way Station.

Our goal has been to transform the interior space of the station in such a way that the space is illuminated, interactive and full of subtle color and reflection that accentuate the height and rhythms of the architecture, reflecting the surroundings and activity within the station.  In a schematic rather than literal way, the verticals are accentuated so that there is a soaring sense of the height much as one feels in the forests of the Northwest where the tree canopy high above rests on the verticality of tree trunks.

People moving through the station, trains as they enter and leave, shifting light and color of the landscape: these become the ever-changing subject matter/ the ‘images’ of the art.  These images are interactive and each person sees himself and others in multiple fragments that become coherent wholes and then break apart. Projections of the reflected color will land on the platforms and architectural surfaces throughout the station expanding the experience beyond the physical work.  (see images of this from the DC project Leading Lights.)  The angle of the daylight creates new, shifting patterns.    From many positions we can see down the full length of the station and the repeated lines and arcs form an almost solid surface of reflective color and light as the ribs align one behind the other.  So simple yet so rich a visual experience.