Rain Installation in process – July 2014

Rain Installation

Passing Storm Installation has begun

Passing Storms is made up of two two works Rain and Cloud. that are in the process of being installed in the Oregon State Hospital complex in Junction City, OR. The challenges of installing art work at a psychiatric hospital are enormous, which has caused us to have to modify things again and again.

Rain was just installed this July, using a bucket lift to install cables under tension from the building so that the chains of discs and rings are suspended in space. The discs catch the light as they sway in the wind, a bit the way rain drops catch the light in a storm. Poised and animate, suspended over the space, lines of stainless steel discs and rings of varying lengths catch the light and move gently with the wind.

Cloud will be installed in another courtyard and is scheduled to be finished in October.

Rain Installation

As the residents and visitors move through the Valley and Prairie Quads they will see the cloud and rain sculptures subtly change depending on the angle of the light and the color of the sky. The weather is a metaphor for the changeable states of mind. Light as it plays across the art images is the symbol of reprieve, of grace.

Two patients were on the selection committee and the fact that they loved these two works was important for the hospital staff, who had wondered if they image of rain and clouds was too dark, but to them it felt right. They didn’t see them as dark. One said about Rain, “We’ll have sparkles of light” They found Cloud “beautiful”.

Seen here are some photographs of the installation process of Rain. You can read more about the concept of Passing Storm here.