Widgery Studio wins new project in Washington DC – October 2016

Widgery Studio was awarded the contact for Leading Lights in Washington DC. 

LEADING LIGHTS is a colonnade where each of 34 columns has three panels of dichroic glass to create a triangular lantern mounted on steel poles. These dichroic glass surfaces reflect the surroundings through a veil of color. The colors are always shifting depending on the angle of the sun and the position of the viewer. The columns are exquisite jewels of luminous,transparent color, never the same. When direct sunlight strikes the glass surface, brilliant colored bands are projected onto the ground and nearby surfaces, so the artwork engages a much broader area that its physical boundaries. From some angles in certain lights, they almost disappear before our position or the light shifts and they reemerge as beacons: a gateway.

For more information about this project please see: Leading Lights

Leading Lights