Wind Prayers

Wind Prayers
Wind Prayers

Wind Prayers, 2007

Gallery Stratford, Stratford, Ontario

“…a silent flight made up of stilled fluttering…” Peter Goddard for Toronto Star, August 2007

The sky is open, free and limitless. Bringing the sky indoors creates a window out to that limitless space of light and freedom. Each kite is a piece of sky and we are seeing the path of its movement over time and space. The kites are painted on translucent chiffon that reveals the series of kites behind along with the frames on which it is stretched. In the far reaches of the gallery, up near the ceiling are the smallest versions and then following the curving, dipping path of its flight are a line of kites getting larger as they are approach us. The tails of the kites further creates a pattern of motion through space and time.

Wind Prayers releases the spirit to soar like the wind and clouds.

With thanks to Sanjeev Shankar, Wendy OBrian and Nancy Eaton for their help with the installation.